How to Make Your Android Phone Faster


After using our Android Smartphones over the years or after few months, we may notice performance dip. This is true even if we have the latest hardware in our smartphones. Following are some of the techniques that can help in boosting the performance of your smartphone.

Clean Up Your Home Screen

One of the best ways to speed up your phone is to keep home screen less cluttered and free from resource intensive applications. This particularly needed when your phone has less RAM and slow processor. The impact of having large apps on home screen can be seen during “home screen redraw”. When you switch away from a RAM-heavy app like Chrome you’ll see a completely blank home screen and have to wait a couple of seconds while your icons, widgets, and wallpaper all reload.

To avoid above issue, you should not use Live wallpapers and widgets that use resources. The widgets can even continue updating in the background.

Use Light Launcher Instead of Default

The default app launcher on Android phone is usually designed to present vendor specific apps, features, widgets, etc. and sometimes is not fastest or efficient. You can always try third party launchers available in the Play Store and check for launchers which are optimised to boost the speed of your smartphone. One of the most popular launchers is Nova Launcher, you can try this and see if you get improvements.

Uninstall Resouce Intensive Apps

The Major reason behind slowdown of an Android smartphone is the presence of resource intensive apps. We suggest you remove all the unwanted apps. However, It is not always obscure apps, either, some of the industry’s biggest and most popular app can also slow down your phone, for example, Snapchat is laggy on Android, Facebook too is resource intensive app. Uninstalling Facebook alone could make your phone as much as 15% faster. You can try switching to a third-party Facebook app.

Try Using Different Browsers

The default web browser on Android is Chrome, and it’s a pretty resource-intensive app. You can try using a third-party browser, some benchmark tests have shown Puffin to be the fastest Android browser. Alternatively, you can use Opera browser which is more similar to Chrome, Its data compression feature can help pages load much more quickly.

Stop Auto-Syncing

Many apps such as Social, news, weather, etc. are set to auto-sync with a server. Usually, the apps are auto-synced every 15-20 minutes. If you have too many such apps then your phone will surely slow down. You should adjust the auto-sync settings for all such apps so that they perform synching function once in an hour or day. To get best result you can even stop auto-synching option and manually update the data as and when needed.

Remove Antivirus Software

Antivirus software offers peace of mind to Android users, but it’s unnecessary, and it slows down your phone. As long as you only install apps from official sources like the Play Store or the Amazon Appstore, then you’re extremely unlikely to encounter malware.

Use Clean Master App

Clean master app available on Play store is very effective in boosting your Smartphone’s speed instantly. It has features like clearing cache memory, clearing junk files, boosting phone, hibernating background apps, etc. All these function are very effective in offering boost to your phone’s speed.

Reboot Regularly

Rebooting your phone helps to keep it running smoothly. So, we recommend rebooting your phone two-three times in a week.