Xiaomi Announces the Surge S1 its First Mobile Chipset


Xiaomi has joined the leading smartphones manufacturers in building own SoCs (system-on-a-chip). Till now only Apple, Samsung and Huawei use to manufacture A Series, Exynos processors, and Kirin platform based SoCs respectively. Xiaomi is now joining in with the Surge S1, the company’s first SoC developed completely in-house.

The Surge S1’s processor is octa-core and 64-bit, with a 2.2GHz max frequency. The eight cores include four 2.2GHz A53 cores for the high-performance requirement and two 1.4GHz A53 cores for average use. The GPU is the familiar Mali-T860, which Xiaomi points out is 40% more power efficient than the previous-gen Mali-T760. The other features of the Surge S1’s include dual microphone voice reduction, HD calling (VoLTE), 14-bit dual ISP for enhanced image processing capabilities, and a baseband that can be updated through OTAs.

As far as the benchmark’s are concerned and to give perspective to consumers about where Surege S1 stands, Xiaomi’s has shared following benchmarks chart.

As cdepicted in the benchmark chart S1 is faster than the Snapdragon 625 and MediaTek P10, but behind the MediaTek P20.

Xiaomi has claimed that by introducing its own chipset the company would be able to deliver faster android updates. However, it will be seen how things go in reality as the times passes.

Source: Xiaomi Twitter